Impact of alias modifications on process execution in Planning Analytics Database and later

In specific circumstances, a recent improvement which ensures that alias and other attribute modifications are correctly applied in the Planning Analytics database can result in longer process execution times.

You might experience a process slowdown in this scenario:

  • Your model includes aliases.
  • A single TurboIntegrator process modifies an alias and later attempts to retrieve the same alias.

The process slowdown is the result of an IX (intent-to-write) lock that is applied to the dimension that is associated with the member alias for the duration of process execution.

To avoid process slowdown in this scenario, consider one of these alternatives:

  • If possible, rewrite your process to use the member’s principal name rather than an alias.
  • Split the process so that the modification of the alias occurs in one process, and retrieval of the modified alias occurs in a later separate process.
  • If an alias is changed in a process, any subsequent lookup of the element associated with the alias within the same process should use member's principal name instead of the alias.