Review deprecation notices

The following tools and components are deprecated or scheduled for deprecation in IBM® Planning Analytics version 2.0.7. Review deprecation details for IBM Planning Analytics version 2.0.7 in Deprecation notices for IBM Planning Analytics.
  • Relational data sources in TM1® Web websheets (local only)

    Planning Analytics version 2.0.7 is the last release with support for relational data sources in TM1 Web websheets.

  • IBM TM1 Package Connector (local only)

    Planning Analytics version 2.0.7 is the last release of TM1 Package Connector.

  • Advanced Rules Editor (TM1 Architect and TM1 Perspectives only)

    As of Planning Analytics version 2.0.7, the AdvancedRulesEditor parameter in the tm1p.ini file is ignored. The Advanced Rules Editor does not launch in TM1 Architect and TM1 Perspectives, only the basic rule editor launches.

  • IBM TM1 Operations Console

    IBM TM1 Operations Console is scheduled for deprecation. You can use IBM Planning Analytics Administration to monitor databases in IBM Planning Analytics and IBM Planning Analytics Local.

    To learn more, see Monitor and administer databases.

  • IBM Cognos® Performance Management Hub

    IBM Cognos Performance Management Hub (PMHub) is scheduled for deprecation.

    In Planning Analytics version 2.0.7, the following features have been disabled in PMHub because of security vulnerabilities:
    • Watchlists (
    • Async job API (
    • Pmpsvc passthrough support for PMHub (
    • Support for old PMHub TM1 v1 requests (

    If you currently use these features, you have the option of maintaining a TM1 Server that is installed with Planning Analytics version 2.0.6 (ring-fenced by a firewall if necessary) and change any systems that use these features to reference this server.

  • IBM TM1 Top utility

    The TM1 Top utility is scheduled for deprecation.