Planning Analytics non-production and production environments

A typical IBM® Planning Analytics solution includes two separate cloud environments or systems: one for non-production and one for production purposes. You receive a separate set of account information for each environment.

Note: Non-production environments are not available with Planning Analytics Digital Pack.

For example, you can use the non-production environment for development purposes and the production environment as your live environment. Each environment typically contains the following components:

  • TM1 Server
  • Hosted applications
  • Shared folder
  • Planning Analytics Workspace tenant
  • Cognos® Analytics
    • Cognos Analytics is optional and not available with Planning Analytics Digital Pack.
    • Cognos Analytics in a production environment can be scaled as required to manage production-sized loads.
    • Cognos Analytics in a non-production environment is not intended for production use or for performance testing. It is not designed to scale and does not have the same level of resources as the production Cognos Analytics environment.

Your organization might choose to subscribe to optional components, such as Cognos Analytics. It might also subscribe to more non-production and production environments. For more information, refer to your welcome kit.

You can use a remote desktop connection from your local computer to connect to either cloud system. After you connect to a cloud system, you can run the applications that are hosted on that system.

You can move files between your local computer and the shared folder on either cloud system. You can also move files between the shared folders of different cloud systems.

The following image shows the setup of Planning Analytics non-production and production environments.

Example of typical Planning Analytics development and production systems