Installing IBM Planning Analytics Local on Networks without domains

If you install IBM® Planning Analytics Local in a network that does not use a domain controller, you can set your TM1® services to use local accounts.

For details on configuring TM1 services, see Changing TM1 services to run as a specific user account on Windows.

If you use one or more local accounts for your TM1 services, you must be sure these accounts have the following privileges on their local machines:

  • Act as part of the operating system
  • Bypass traverse checking
  • Increase quotas
  • Replace a process-level token
  • Log on as a service

If you set up file shares in your Windows network for use by TM1 components, be sure that each local account that you set up to run a TM1 service has access to those shares.

Note: If you install on a machine that does not participate in a Microsoft Windows domain, you cannot use Integrated Login.

Local machine syntax

Do not use dot (.) as an abbreviation for the local machine domain when you specify login information.

You must explicitly enter the machine name. In certain configurations, using the .\username syntax may cause serious problems.