Install OpenShift prerequisites

Before you install Planning Analytics Workspace Distributed on OpenShift®, make sure that you have the following prerequisites.

You must use OpenShift version 3.11 or 4.6 and later.
You must use Docker version 1.13 or higher.
Worker node requirements
Planning Analytics Workspace Distributed requires worker nodes that meet or exceed the following capacities.
  • 4 CPUs
  • 8 Gb of random-access memory (RAM)
  • 400 Gb of storage
The install script automatically detects worker nodes in the cluster if they are assigned one of the following labels:
If you want the start script to automatically detect the worker nodes to use, make sure that one of these labels is specified for the worker node.
Or, you can manually configure the OpenShift node configuration file.
The following utilities must be available on the system where you run the deployment scripts:
  • Bash version 3 or higher must be present on the system where the deployment scripts run.
  • The sed utility must be present on the system.
  • If the tee utility is on your system, then the deployment scripts display the output from the initialization job on the screen. Otherwise, it waits until initialization finishes.
If your environment employs a docker registry for image management, you must also install the docker client on your system. Otherwise, the following utilities must be available:
  • scp
  • ssh

If you don't have this configuration, see Configure advanced OpenShift settings to configure the installation so that it does not assume these options.