Using the File manager

The File manager, a tool on the modeling workbench, shows a list of all the files and folders that have been uploaded to the Planning Analytics database and allows you to manage those items. You must be an Administrator or Modeler to work with File manager.

File manager is available only on the modeling workbench; you cannot open File manager from a book.

Attention: If you're using IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace Local, update the Planning Analytics Administration agent to the version that is included in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.95. You won't be able to use the File manager in Planning Analytics Workspace 2.0.95 unless you update the Planning Analytics Administration agent to the version from the same release. For more information, see Planning Analytics Administration agent (local only).
Error displays when you open File manager and the Planning Analytics Administration agentis not updated
With File manager, you can complete the following tasks:
  • Upload a file, or multiple files at once
  • Delete a file, or multiple files at once
  • Create folders and sub-folders *
  • Organize uploaded files into folders using Cut, Copy, and Paste *
  • Compress and expand files *
  • Delete folders
  • Download files
  • Refresh files

* Not available in Planning Analytics Workspace on Planning Analytics as a Service or when connected to Planning Analytics Engine.

To launch File manager for a database, right-click the database in the Databases tree on a modeling workbench, then click File manager.

File manager option displayed on right-click menu

File manager displays a list of all the files and folders that have been uploaded to the server.

File manager showing a list of files

Working with files and folders in File manager

​You can use the toolbar to create folders and sub-folders, upload files, refresh files, and search for a folder or file. Use the Actions button Actions button​ or select a file or folder to access options ​such as Download, Delete, Cut, Copy, and Compress.
Deleting a file or folder
To delete an item, select the file or folder and click Delete. You can also click the Action button for the item and click Delete.
Warning: When you delete a folder or sub-folder, all files within that folder are also deleted.
Cut, copy, and paste files
You can move or copy files or folders to a different folder within the File manager. The Cut and Copy options are available from the Actions button or display in the toolbar when you select one or more items.
To cut or copy, select one or more items and click Cut or Copy. Your selections display in alphabetical order as a horizontal list for a quick review before you cut or copy the items.
Selected files for cutting or copying display in the File manager
After you review the list of items that you want to cut or copy, you can paste the items to a different folder. To paste a cut or copied item, go to the destination folder and click Paste.
Compress and expand files
Select one or more files or folders and click Compress to compress the items into a .zip file. You can compress a file and move it to a new location without using Cut. To do this, select a file and click Compress. Then, go to the destination folder and click Compress again.
To expand a compressed file, select the file and click Expand. As with compressing a file to a new location, you can expand a file to a new folder.