Configure integrated login for the IBM TM1 Server

You can modify an IBM® Planning Analytics installation to use integrated login without re-installing IBM TM1® Server. To do so, run ETLDAP and modify several TM1 configuration files.


  1. Run ETLDAP and import the user and group information from your LDAP server, as described in Running ETLDAP.
  2. Shut down the TM1 Server.
  3. Edit the following parameters in the tm1s.cfg file located in your TM1 Server data directory:
    • Set the IntegratedSecurityMode parameter to 3.
    • Set the SecurityPackageName parameter to the security protocol you use for integrated login.

    In the following example, the server is configured to use Kerberos.

    DatabaseDirectory=C:\Program Files\
  4. Save and close the tm1s.cfg file.
  5. Restart the TM1 Server.
  6. Optional: Configure the TM1 clients to use integrated login by setting the Use Integrated Login option in the associated user interface.

What to do next