Backing out transactions using the transaction log

After you query the transaction log, you can use the Transaction Log Query Results dialog box to back out the transactions. When you back out a transaction, the value in the OLDVALUE column replaces the value in the NEWVALUE column.


  1. Highlight one or more transactions that you want to back out.
    • To highlight an individual transaction, click the transaction.
    • To highlight multiple adjacent transactions, click the first transaction and SHIFT+click the last transaction.
    • To highlight multiple nonadjacent transactions, CTRL+click each transaction.
  2. Click Edit, Select.

    All the highlighted transactions now display a check mark in the box beside the first column. The check marks indicate that the transaction is selected to be backed out.

    To select all the transactions without first highlighting them, click Edit, Select All.

  3. Click Edit, Back Out.

    TM1® backs out the transactions in reverse chronological order as identified by the LOGTIME column.