View logs

You can use the Status tab of the Planning Analytics Workspace administration tool to view logs.

About this task

The log directory in the installation directory contains a subdirectory for each service.


  1. Run one of the following scripts from the <paw_install_location> folder:
    Operating system Script to run
    Microsoft Windows Server 2016 Start.ps1
  2. Reply n when you are prompted to install the Docker images.
  3. Reply y when you are prompted to start the administration tool.
    If the administration tool doesn't open, copy and paste the address shown in the command or terminal window into a browser window.
  4. In the Planning Analytics Workspace administration tool, click the Status tab.
  5. To see the logs of one service, select (highlight) a service in the list by clicking it, and then clicking Logs.
    The last 1000 lines in the log file for the service are displayed.
    Tip: If you want to see more content, you can open the file from the log directory in a text editor. This is also a way to view the logs without using the administration tool.