Prerequisites for upgrading

Before you upgrade, backup your existing data, application, and configuration files to a safe place. You must also stop all related IBM TM1 and IBM Planning Analytics services before performing an upgrade.

Backup your existing data

Depending on your network architecture and deployment of IBM® Planning Analytics, your data might be on more than one computer. Make a list of where this data is located and create a plan to back up the data.

The following files must be backed up:

  • IBM TM1® Server configuration and database files
  • Planning Analytics Administration agent configuration files (
  • TM1 Admin Server configuration files
  • TM1 Web server configuration and custom files
  • TM1 Architect client configuration file
  • TM1 Perspectives client configuration file
  • TM1 Contributor application and configuration files

Before you upgrade

Extra steps are required if you are also upgrading a previous version of TM1 to IBM Planning Analytics. Review the following considerations before you upgrade.

IBM TM1 Server

In Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.7, the server.xml file has been updated to add the following property to disable sending server version information in response headers.

<webContainer disableXPoweredBy="true"/>

The response header is informational and not required for operations. It is now disabled by default to minimize thread surface.

If you are upgrading to IBM Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.7, you install a new version of the server.xml file that is called and your existing server.xml file is preserved. To take advantage of fixes that are applied to this release, you must rename the file to server.xml and you must reapply any changes that you made to your previous configuration settings.

TM1 Admin Server

As of IBM TM1 version 10.1.0, the TM1 Admin Server configuration file, Tm1admsrv.ini, is no longer used or supported by TM1. You must use Cognos® Configuration to configure the TM1 Admin Server.

TM1 Applications
Attention: You will need to edit your previous applications in Cognos TM1 Performance Modeler in the following cases:
  • Dynamic Subsets cannot be used as the approval hierarchy in Cognos TM1 Applications.
  • Applications cannot share the same approval cubes in Cognos TM1 Applications.

A version of WebSphere® Liberty web application server is installed with the new version of TM1. You can use this instance of WebSphere® Liberty to run Cognos TM1 Applications and manage it using Cognos Configuration.

If you plan to use Cognos TM1 Applications without Microsoft Excel installed on the web server where you are running Cognos TM1 Web, you will need to explicitly set the ExcelWebPublishEnabled parameter to True (T) in the tm1s.cfg configuration file for your TM1 servers. Earlier versions of Cognos TM1 Contributor did not require this parameter to be set.