Before you install IBM® Planning Analytics Workspace, you must install IBM Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.0 or later.

Important: To review an up-to-date list of operating systems supported by IBM Planning Analytics Local, create a detailed system requirements report by using the Software Product Compatibility Reports tool (

Planning Analytics Workspace is included as part of IBM Planning Analytics Local. For more information, see the IBM Planning Analytics Local download document for instructions.

If you are using IBM Cognos® Analytics as your authentication provider, then you must have IBM Cognos Analytics 10.2.2 or later installed.

Planning Analytics Workspace communicates with TM1® servers by using the TM1 REST API. In the Tm1s.cfg file for all TM1 Servers, set the HTTPPortNumber property to a free port on the server.

The following list contains information about requirements and the installation kit name for different operating systems that are supported by Planning Analytics Workspace.

Microsoft Windows Server 2016
  • The installation kit is ipa_workspace_local_win_<version>.zip.
  • When you run the start.ps1 script, validation checks run automatically and the host server is repaired if possible. The script checks your Windows Server version, prerequisite software, network configuration, and free ports. It also checks for unsupported anti-virus software that conflicts with Planning Analytics Workspace Local. You can jump directly to Install Planning Analytics Workspace Local on Windows Server 2016.
  • Docker runs on a physical Microsoft Windows Server 2016 or a VM with Microsoft Windows Server 2016 running under VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V..
  • You must have at least 100 GB of free space on the C:\ drive for Microsoft Windows Server 2016. By default, Docker stores its images and containers in C:\ProgramData\Docker. You can configure Docker to store its data on another drive. For more information, see Configure Docker with a configuration file on the Docker documentation website (
Red Hat Enterprise Linux® 7
Community Enterprise Operating System (CentOS)
CentOS is a free, community-supported, open source Linux distribution.
Planning Analytics Workspace Local on CentOS needs Docker Community Edition.
Docker Community Edition (CE) is free for anyone to use.
For more information, see Docker Engine - Community.