Connect to TM1 and authentication servers

You must use the Planning Analytics Workspace administration tool to configure the TM1 URIs that point to the TM1 servers and authentication servers.

About this task

Use fully qualified host names or IP addresses for the URIs. Do not use localhost.

Important: If Planning Analytics Workspace is installed on a Microsoft Windows Server 2016 OS, then you must access it from a different computer. This is a limitation of the Microsoft NAT network driver.


  1. In the Planning Analytics Workspace administration tool on the Configuration tab, enter the following server URIs:
    TM1 Admin Server URI
    You can specify multiple URIs. Separate each entry by a semi-colon. This is useful if your system has redundant TM1 Admin Hosts or you have groups of servers managed by different Admin Hosts.
    Note: The default value for the HTTPS REST API port is 5898, and 5895 for the HTTP REST API port.
    TM1 Application Server Gateway URI
    The TM1 Application Gateway provides access to TM1 Applications.
  2. Under Authentication Mode, select TM1 or CAM.
    Choose TM1 if you're using standard TM1 authentication or Integrated Windows Authentication. Choose CAM if you're using IBM® Cognos® security for authentication.
    1. If you selected TM1, enter the value for the TM1 Login Server URI.
      Planning Analytics Workspace users authenticate to the system by logging in to the TM1 Login Server. Users must have the same credentials on any other TM1 server they access. You can specify a TM1 server that uses any security mode (1 - 5) for authentication. The following security modes are commonly used:
      Security mode 1
      Standard (native) TM1 authentication
      Security mode 3
      Integrated Windows Authentication
      Security mode 2
      Security modes 1 and 3 are supported. When a user logs in to Planning Analytics Workspace, they can choose between standard TM1 authentication or Integrated Windows Authentication.
    2. If you selected CAM, enter the following values:
      • IBM Cognos BI Gateway URI To enable SSO for Planning Analytics Workspace, you must enter a value in this field.
      • IBM Cognos BI Dispatcher URI
      • IBM Cognos BI Authentication Namespace ID
  3. Click Validate.
    Planning Analytics Workspace verifies that it can communicate with the servers and that they are configured for use with it. If a server is not successfully validated, an error message is displayed.
    Note: After installing TM1 Web, you might receive an error when validating your configuration with the IBM Planning Analytics Workspace Administration tool. The error indicates that the TM1 Application Server Gateway cannot be found.
    Validation error showing Application Server Gateway not found.
    This error is the result of an attempt to verify the presence of pmhub. As TM1 Web does not use pmhub, you can dismiss this error and continue verification.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Click Update and OK to save your configuration settings.

What to do next

  • Verify that the Planning Analytics Workspace services started. For more information, see Check the status of the services.
  • Access Planning Analytics Workspace by entering http://<host-name>/ where <host-name> is the host name or IP address of your computer, in the address field of your browser.