Use scripts to start a TM1 Server on UNIX or Linux

You can use the start and stop scripts that are provided with the installation to start and stop your IBM® TM1® Server on UNIX or Linux®.

About this task

On UNIX or Linux, you can use the following commands and scripts to start and stop TM1 Server. See Starting a UNIX TM1 Server and Stopping a UNIX TM1 Server in the TM1 Operations documentation for more details.

  • - start TM1 Admin Server
  • - shut down TM1 Admin Server
  • - start TM1 Server
  • tm1srvstop.exe - utility for stopping a TM1 Server
  • - alternate method to shut down a TM1 Server
  • - start TM1 Application Server
  • - shut down TM1 Application Server