Configure and run unattended TM1 Web installations on Linux

You can set up an unattended installation and configuration to install an identical configuration of TM1® Web across several computers on your network.

About this task

An unattended installation requires you to create a response file, which is generated based on your responses to a regular graphic installer. The responses you provide during the graphic installation are applied to all unattended installations.


  1. Create a response file to be used for unattended installations by running the IBM® Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services graphic installer from a command line with this command: analytics-installer-version-linuxx86.bin -DREPO=<TM1 Web repository name> -r <FullPathOfYourResponseFile>.
  2. Complete all steps required to complete the installation.
  3. To run an unattended installation, run this command from a command line: analytics-installer-version-linuxx86.bin -DREPO=<TM1 Web repository name> -f <FullPathOfYourResponseFile> -i silent.


For example, a full command to run a silent install looks like this:

analytics-installer-3.0.20091714-linuxx86.bin -DREPO=/workspace/install/ -f /workspace/install-props/ -i silent