Configuring and running unattended Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services installations on Linux

You can set up an unattended installation and configuration to install an identical configuration of Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services across several computers on your network.

About this task

An unattended installation requires you to create a response file, which is generated based on your responses to a regular graphic installer. The responses you provide during the graphic installation are applied to all unattended installations.


  1. Create a response file to be used for unattended installations by running the Planning Analytics Spreadsheet Services graphic installer from a command line with this command: analytics-installer-version-linuxx86.bin -DREPO=<TM1 Web repository name> -r <FullPathOfYourResponseFile>.
  2. Complete all steps required to complete the installation.
  3. To run an unattended installation, run this command from a command line: analytics-installer-version-linuxx86.bin -DREPO=<TM1 Web repository name> -f <FullPathOfYourResponseFile> -i silent.


For example, a full command to run a silent install looks like this:

analytics-installer-3.0.20091714-linuxx86.bin -DREPO=/workspace/install/ -f /workspace/install-props/ -i silent