Zoom does not work correctly in upgraded books with templates

When you upgrade from the classic experience to new experience, depending on how you added the tabs in books with templates, the zoom feature might not work correctly.

In classic experience, different tabs in a book can have different layouts (relative or absolute). However, in new experience books, you can have only one layout.

When you upgrade from classic to new experience, the layout of each tab is retained. Even though the book's layout might display as Absolute, tabs that are created with templates are relative layout. When zoom feature's Fit to page is applied to the relative tabs, a white margin appears around the book. If you select a zoom value that is greater than 100%, a scroll bar appears on the relative tabs.

To fix this issue, change the layout position of the book from Absolute to Relative under Properties and save the book. Then, change the layout back to Absolute. The zoom feature will now work correctly.

Layout positioning option under Properties