Deploying the TM1 Application Server with the provided WebSphere Liberty Profile application server

The TM1® Application Server runs in the WebSphere Liberty Profile application server that is provided with the installation. Use Cognos® Configuration to deploy and start WebSphere Liberty and TM1 Application Server.


  1. Click Start > All Programs > IBM Cognos TM1 > IBM Cognos Configuration.

    If you installed the product from the Program Files (x86) directory on a computer running Windows 7, start IBM® Cognos Configuration as an Administrator.

  2. In the Cognos Configuration Explorer panel, expand the Local Configuration > Environment > IBM Cognos TM1 Services , right-click IBM Cognos TM1 and select Start.

    This will start the provided version of WebSphere Liberty Profile server and then deploy and start the TM1 Application Server.

  3. Click File > Save and close IBM Cognos Configuration.