Remotely installing Cognos Insight on multiple computers

As an administrator, you can push the IBM® Cognos® Insight installation to users automatically. First, you make the Cognos Insight installer file available in a shared folder on your network. Then, you can use an application such as Microsoft Active Directory to directly install the client application to authenticated users.

About this task

Cognos Insight is installed by using the CognosInsight.msi file that you put in a shared location. This file is installed to the following location when you install the IBM Cognos TM1® Application Gateway component:

tm1 location\webapps\pmpsvc\rcp_installs

The CognosInsight.msi file is a standard Microsoft Windows Installer file. You can use the CognosInsight.msi file with Windows Installer command line options and also use Active Directory or other software management tools to push the install out to remote computers.

The format for the command is the Cognos Insight MSI file name followed by the property values. For example, you could enter CognosInsight.msi TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files" USERDATADIR=%%USERNAME%%.

You can use the following property values alone or in combination with each other.

Table 1. Property values for Cognos Insight
Property Property Value Description
ALLUSERS 1 Installs Cognos Insight for all users.

Setting this property value sets the default installation location to C:\Program Files.

ALLUSERS "" (default value) Installs Cognos Insight only for the user who is running the installation. Only that user will have access to the application.

Setting ALLUSERS="" or omitting the ALLUSERS property installs Cognos Insight in the user's context, and sets the TARGETDIR property to C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs\IBM\Cognos Insight.

TARGETDIR "Cognos_Insight_install_location" Specifies the installation location for Cognos Insight.

For example, TARGETDIR="C:\Program Files"

TARGETDIR (default value) Sets the installation location for Cognos Insight when TARGETDIR is not specified and ALLUSERS is specified as follows:

When used with ALLUSERS="":

On a Microsoft Windows 7 operating system, the installation location is C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Programs

When used with ALLUSERS="1":

On a 64-bit Microsoft Windows operating system, the installation location is C:\Program Files (x86)

NOUPDATE Yes Prevents Cognos Insight users from receiving automatic updates.

This value is recommended when users do not have write access to the application installation location. Automatic updates require that Cognos Insight users can write to the installation location specified by the TARGETDIR property.

NOUPDATE No (default value) Allows Cognos Insight users to receive automatic updates.
USERDATADIR "location" Specifies the location for the .CognosInsight folder. The .CognosInsight folder contains Cognos Insight themes, IBM Cognos TM1 data that is copied to your computer when you work from a Cognos TM1 server, and the thumbnail graphics of recent workspaces that appear on the Getting Started page of Cognos Insight.
USERDATADIR "" (default value) When USERDATADIR is not specified, the .CognosInsight folder is located in C:\Users\username\.CognosInsight.

When ALLUSERS=1, and you want to specify the USERDATADIR, the USERDATADIR property should include an environment variable that will resolve differently for each user.

For example, the command CognosInsight.msi ALLUSERS=1 USERDATADIR=^%USERPROFILE^% specifies that Cognos Insight be installed at C:\Program Files and that the .CognosInsight folder be installed in each user's user profile folder.

For complete details, see the Microsoft developer website for documentation about the Microsoft Windows Installer Guide and Microsoft Windows Installer Property Reference.

An example is shown in the following steps.


  1. Open a command prompt, and navigate to the location of the CognosInsight.msi file.
  2. To install Cognos Insight for all users, type the following command
     CognosInsight.msi TARGETDIR="install_location" ALLUSERS=1