Resetting passwords for remote desktop user accounts

Subscription administrators can reset passwords for Remote Desktop user accounts (cloud only) from the Welcome Kit settings page under Administration. Password reset can be done for a specific or all Remote Desktop users in an environment.

Important: This password reset feature applies only to Remote Desktop user accounts that use rich tier components to access TM1 and does not apply to Planning Analytics Workspace users.

To reset password for a Remote Desktop user:
  1. On the Home page, click Administration.
  2. Click the Welcome Kit icon in the toolbar.
    Welcome Kit on the Administration page
  3. On the Welcome Kit settings page, select an environment.
  4. From the list of modelers, select the user for whom you want to reset the password and click Reset password.
    Welcome Kit settings page

    If you want to reset the password for all users in that environment, select Reset password for all instead.

  5. A Reset password window opens.

    When you reset a password, a new welcome kit automatically downloads with the new password.

    If you are resetting passwords for more than one user (but not for all users) and do not want the welcome kit to download automatically upon each password reset, deselect the download option.

    Reset password window

    You can download the welcome kit after the password is reset for all your selections.

  6. Click Reset to reset the password.
Note: You cannot reset the password for a user for whom a password reset is in process. However, you can reset password for other users in the same or a different environment.