Configure event notifications

About this task

To get notifications from Planning Analytics Administration for Planning Analytics Local, you must configure the following functionality:


  1. Set the following bootstrap properties for SMTP notifications:

    For example, set these properties:


    The PAA_EMAIL_ADDRESS must be a registered alias, otherwise set it to a primary alias, for example, the user name

  2. Optional: Set SMTP_EMAIL_START_TLS_ENABLE=true and add the certificates to the TLS certificate store:
    1. Run the following command in a command prompt on Windows or a terminal on Linux.
      openssl s_client -showcerts -starttls smtp -crlf -connect

      This command prints out the certificates used by the SMTP server. Each certificate begins with "-----BEGIN CERTIFICATE-----" and ends with "-----END CERTIFICATE-----".

    2. Copy these two certificates (including the BEGIN CERTIFICATE and END CERTIFICATE lines) to Example_1.cer and Example_2.cer and remember the location.
      For example, <PA install directory>/paa_agent/wlp/usr/servers/kate-agent/resources/security. You use this location in the next step.
    3. Import Example_1.cer to the Planning Analytics Administration agent store by using the following command and the location of the Example_1.cer file from step 2.b.

      On Windows:

      keytool.exe -importcert -keystore "<PA install directory>/paa_agent/wlp/usr/servers/kate-agent/resources/security/server_store.p12" -storetype PKCS12 
      -trustcacerts -storepass applix -file "<PA install directory>/paa_agent/wlp/usr/servers/kate-agent/resources/security/Example_1.cer" -alias example1

      On Linux:

      ./keytool -import -keystore "<PA install directory>/paa_agent/wlp/usr/servers/kate-agent/resources/security/server_store.p12" -storetype PKCS12 
      -trustcacerts -storepass applix -file "<PA install directory>/paa_agent/wlp/usr/servers/kate-agent/resources/security/Example.cer" -alias example1
    4. Repeat the previous step to import the second certificate, Example_2.cer.

What to do next

You can get notifications for threads that are in a run state, threads in a wait state, and more. For more information, see Set system resource thresholds and alerts in the Planning Analytics Workspace documentation.