Why can't I open Planning Analytics Workspace in a browser?

If you can't access Planning Analytics Workspace in a browser or your Planning Analytics Workspace services aren't starting up, check your browser for one of the following messages.


One of the following messages appears in your web browser:

  • "Planning Analytics Workspace is unavailable. Try again in a few minutes"
  • "This site can't be reached"

What to do

Note: All PowerShell commands must be run from an elevated PowerShell session.
  1. Make sure that Docker is up and running. Type the following command in a PowerShell window:
    - start-service docker 
  2. Check your Windows Services to make sure "Docker Engine" is running.
  3. In a PowerShell window, navigate to the Planning Analytics Workspace installation directory, and type in the following command.

What to do next

If the issue persists or if the script returns an error, see How do I handle errors when I run the start script?.