How do I change the IP configuration of Planning Analytics Workspace Local?

If you can't access Planning Analytics Workspace Local over a VPN connection, it might be because they are using the same IP address. You can change the Planning Analytics Workspace Local IP address for the paw_net network to avoid conflicts.

What to do

To change the subnet for the paw_net network, run the following docker commands:

On Windows 2016

  1. stop-service docker
  2. get-containernetwork | remove-containernetwork
  3. Create the file: C:\ProgramData\docker\config\daemon.json with the following contents:
        "fixed-cidr": ""

    Where you substitute the desired subnet for paw_net.

  4. start-service docker

For more information, see Customize the docker0 bridge.

On Linux®

  1. docker network rm paw_net
  2. docker network create -d bridge --subnet paw_net

    Where you substitute the desired subnet for paw_net.

    The script scripts/ creates the initial paw_net network.

For more information, see Use bridge networks.