This parameter defines the method used to achieve view consolidation optimization when the ViewConsolidationOptimization parameter is enabled on the Planning Analytics database.

Parameter type: optional, static

There are two methods that ViewConsolidationOptimization can use to calculate and store consolidations: ARRAY or TREE. The ARRAY method stores consolidations in a temporary array. The TREE method stores consolidations in a tree.

ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod should be set to TREE in most circumstances. This setting provides the best performance in normal operations.

In rare instances, using the TREE method can result in a degradation of performance. In such an instance, try setting the parameter to ARRAY. For example, in the uncommon circumstance when dimensions have just a few leaf elements rolling up to many consolidations, ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod should be set to ARRAY.

To set this parameter, add the appropriate line to your Planning Analytics database configuration:




If ViewConsolidationOptimizationMethod is not explicitly set in the Planning Analytics database configuration, the TREE method is used by default.