Reduces the occurrence of cube locking during dimension updates.

Parameter type: optional, static

Default value: F (disabled)

You can use this parameter to reduce cube locking during dimension updates.

Previously, whenever a dimension was updated, all cubes that used this dimension had to be locked IX so that their rules could be recompiled and checked. This approach meant that if two dimensions used the same cube, they could not be modified simultaneously. Often, updating a dimension does not change the existing rules. For example, adding an element that is not yet referenced by the rules.

Now, you can use this parameter to maintain dimension to cube consistency and coherency. When ReduceCubeLockingOnDimensionUpdate=T, the same coherency is maintained by using only a RO lock, which is less prone to causing contention.

Instead of IX locking the cube, the server first makes a copy of the rule to recompile it to the side to see whether an IX lock is necessary; often it is not.

To enable this functionality, add the following line to the Planning Analytics database configuration: