Allows you to perform a proportional spread from a consolidation without generating an error when all the leaf cells contain zero values.

In this case, Planning Analytics applies an equal spread to the empty cells when the ProportionSpreadToZeroCells parameter is enabled. This functionality is enabled by default.

Parameter type: optional, static

Behavior when ProportionSpreadToZeroCells is enabled

This parameter and functionality are enabled by default, allowing you to complete a spread operation without an error when you perform a proportional spread on a consolidation where all the leaf cells are zero. In this scenario, Planning Analytics converts the typed entry of "P###" to "LS*###" and applies the spread as an equal spread.

When this parameter is enabled and data exists in any of the leaf cells, the behavior is the same as previous versions of Planning Analytics when performing a proportional spread.

This parameter is on by default and it is not necessary to enable it. However, if you want to explicitly configure it, set the ProportionSpreadToZeroCells parameter to T (True) in the Planning Analytics database configuration:


Behavior when ProportionSpreadToZeroCells is disabled

Setting this parameter to F (False) disables this feature. An error displays when you try to perform one of the following proportional spreading operations:

  • In TM1® Contributor - Enter a number in a consolidated cell where all of the leaf cells for that consolidation contain zeros.
  • In TM1 Contributor and other Planning Analytics clients - Perform a proportional spread operation by either entering a spreading code and number such as "P###" in a cell, or access a proportional spread from the right-click menu when the leaf cells for that consolidation all contain zeros.

These operations make the Planning Analytics database perform a proportional spread, but the operation fails because all of the leaf cells contain zeros.

To disable this functionality, set the ProportionSpreadToZeroCells parameter to F (False) in the Planning Analytics database configuration: