This parameter determines whether users have the option to cancel lengthy view calculations.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

When a user opens a view that takes a significant amount of time to calculate (usually a view with high levels of consolidation or complex rules), IBM® TM1® Server monitors the progress of the process. When ProgressMessage=T a dialog box opens that allows the user to Stop Building View.

Parameter type: optional, static

If the user clicks Stop Building View, the view is discarded on the client, but view calculation continues on the server. In some instances, this can tie up the server.

  • If ProgressMessage=F, the Stop Building View option is not offered and the user cannot cancel lengthy operations.
  • When ProgressMessage=T or is not present in the Tm1s.cfg file, the Stop Building View option opens during lengthy view calculations so the user can cancel the process if necessary. You can assign a unique Port Number using ClientMessagePortNumber. This additional port allows these progress messages to travel via a secondary port so that server processing can continue without tying up thread reserves.
Note: As of Planning Analytics 10.1, progress messages can travel via the secondary port assigned by ClientMessagePortNumber so Planning Analytics database 10.1 and later have ProgressMessage=T set by default.