To improve reload time of cubes with feeders, set the PersistentFeeders configuration parameter to true (T) to store the calculated feeders to a .feeders file.

Any installation with server load times of over 5 minutes can probably improve their performance using this parameter.

Parameter type: optional, static

When this parameter is set to T and the server encounters a persistent feeder file, it loads the saved feeders which reduces the time normally taken to recalculate those feeders. Feeders are saved when the data is saved or rules are edited. You do not explicitly save the feeders

For installations with many complex feeder calculations persisting feeders and then re-loading them at server startup will improve performance. For simple feeders, the time taken to read feeders from disk may exceed the time to re-calculate the feeders but most installations will benefit.

Using the Persistent Feeders feature will increase your system size on disk only. Memory size is not affected by the use of this parameter.


For more information, see Using Persistent Feeders in IBM® Cognos® TM1® Operations.