Added in v2.0.7 This parameter determines whether private objects are loaded when the user authenticates during Planning Analytics database startup.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

Note: A new user that was dynamically added, who logs in with CAM authentication, is still subject to lock contention because a new element must be added to the }clients dimension.

Organizations with many users can set this parameter to improve startup times for particular users. Users with many private objects can set this parameter to improve startup times. Currently, private objects include a user's private directory, private sandboxes, private subsets, and private views. Loading these private objects affects the database load and potentially the amount of memory that is consumed at startup. Depending on the number of users, the private objects, and the memory that each consumes, setting this parameter can improve database startup times.

OptimizeClient can be set as follows:

  • None = 0
  • OperationsAdmin = 1
  • Admin = 2
  • All = 3

For example, to load all private objects for all users when Planning Analytics database starts up, you can set OptimizeClient to All:


The default setting is 0 (None).