If the MTFEEDERS configuration option is enabled, enabling MTFeeders.AtStartup applies multi-threaded (MT) feeder construction during server start-up.

Parameter type: optional dynamic

The default setting is disabled (F).

When this configuration option is enabled, it prevents the load threads (set with the MaximumCubeLoadThreads configuration parameter) from taking over parallel feeder construction. However, MTFeeders.AtStartup will not disable MaximumCubeLoadThreads impact on other model load phases.

Conditional feeders

When MTFeeders.AtStartup is enabled, Planning Analytics cannot manage the order in which feeders are calculated. There might be cases where processing order has an adverse effect on your application due to some order-of-evaluation dependencies in the multi-threaded environment.

Enabling MTFeeders.AtStartup to apply multi-threaded feeder construction during database startup is not supported when your model uses conditional feeders. Set MTFeeders.AtStartup=F or exclude the parameter from the Planning Analytics database configuration.