Enables the persisting of bookmarks on disk.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

Bookmarks store information that allow cube loading to start reading cells/feeders from the middle of .cub and .feeder files. Bookmarks can be read from the files where they persist. If a bookmark file is not present, or is out-of-sync with the main file it corresponds to, bookmarks are generated on-the-fly in parallel for the rest of the cube loading logic. Bookmark files are stored in the folder specified by the IndexStoreDirectory configuration option. For example:

Bookmark files incorporate the timestamp of their corresponding main file. When it does not match the actual timestamp of the main file, bookmark files are ignored and bookmarks are regenerated on-the-fly. When bookmark synchronization is in doubt, the bookmark folder contents should be cleaned. The content is regenerated after restarting the server. Bookmark files are also updated during SaveDataAll and CubeSaveData calls when the main files that the bookmarks are associated with are updated.

Default value: F (disabled)