Sets the maximum amount of memory, in kilobytes, to be dedicated to storing the Undo/Redo stack for the Subset Editor.

For example, adding the line MaximumMemoryForSubsetUndo=20480 to the Planning Analytics database configuration instructs the server to allot 20480 kilobytes (20 MB) of memory for the Undo/Redo stack.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

Generally, larger subsets require greater amounts of memory to store a usable Undo/Redo stack. If you find that the TM1® Server is not storing a sufficient number of Undo/Redo steps for your subsets, increase the value of MaximumMemoryForSubsetUndo.

If this parameter is not explicitly set in the Planning Analytics database configuration, the maximum amount of memory dedicated to the Undo/Redo feature of the Subset Editor is 10240 kilobytes (10 MB).