Specifies a server to use during the SSL certificate verification process for LDAP server authentication. This parameter is applicable only when LDAPVerifyServerSSLCert=T.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, static

Note: Before working with this parameter, you should be familiar with SSL and LDAP.

Use this parameter to specify the servers that Planning Analytics database should use to verify the received SSL certificate.

All of the server names you want to use for certificate verification must be listed in separate LDAPVerifyCertServerName entries. The entries must exactly match the name (subject) of the certificate presented to Planning Analytics database in the SSL handshake by the server on the other end.

Specify LDAPVerifyCertServerName in the tm1s.cfg file of each TM1 server that is using LDAP.


Replace server_cert_subject with a server name or IP addresses. Create an entry for each server you want to use For example:


Default value: F