This parameter indicates the Internet protocol used by the Planning Analytics database to identify IP addresses on the network.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

For example, to specify that your network uses the IPV6 protocol, add the parameter IPVersion=ipv6 to the Planning Analytics database configuration.

Parameter type: optional, static

Valid settings are:

  • ipv4

    Default setting. Used for IPv4 networks.

  • dual

    Used to transition from IPv4 to IPv6. Both protocols are supported.

  • ipv6

    Used for IPv6 networks.

Configuration notes

If you set this parameter to ipv6 or dual, use the Cognos® Configuration tool to change the TM1 Admin Server IP support option to reflect the change.

To allow clients to recognize this change, add and set the TM1_IPVersion environment variable in the operating system to ipv6 or dual.

Setting this parameter to dual or IPV6 without having the appropriate network running can result in performance degradation.

Note: In some cases, depending on your network environment and DNS configuration, you may need to also add the IPv6 address to the /etc/hosts operating system file on UNIX and Microsoft Windows to successfully run the Planning Analytics Admin Server and Planning Analytics database in IPv6 mode.