This Planning Analytics database configuration parameter sets the maximum size for an HTTP request entity that can be handled by Planning Analytics.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

By default, Planning Analytics can handle a request entity (URI + headers) of up to 32 KB. In some circumstances, particularity in the case of large authentication headers, a request entity can exceed the 32 KB limit. When this happens, you receive a 413 Request Entity Too Large error.

To successfully handle larger HTTP request entities, set HTTPRequestEntityMaxSizeInKB = max_entity_size in the Planning Analytics database configuration.

max_entity_size is a value, expressed in KB, sufficient to handle the largest request entity you anticipate receiving. The maximum parameter value is 1024.

As a general rule, increase the size in increments of 32 KB to suit your application needs. While the limit is 1024, setting to the maximum value when a smaller size would suffice is an inefficient use of resources and is not recommended.