Sets the port number on which the Planning Analytics database listens for incoming HTTP(S) requests.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: required, static

The Planning Analytics database configuration services the REST API using this HTTP(S) channel. The database accepts either standard HTTP or SSL secured HTTPS connections depending on the UseSSL parameter (see UseSSL). If UseSSL is set to T, switching the use of SSL on, then the server will accept only HTTPS connections. If UseSSL is set to F, the server will accept unsecured, HTTP connections.

Valid port numbers are between 5000 and 49151.

If HTTPPortNumber is not defined in your Planning Analytics database configuration, then port number 5001 will be assigned automatically.

Note: Port numbers must be unique across all services running on a computer, not just across Planning Analytics databases and not just across the HTTP ports of Planning Analytics databases.