When this parameter is set, a feeder statement is forced to be re-evaluated when data changes.

Parameter type: optional, static

When the Planning Analytics database computes feeders, the process can be a "chain" of feeders, where cell A feeds cell B, and there is a feeder rule for cell B, so that rule runs and feeds cell C, etc. Feeders for numeric cells are evaluated only when a cell goes from empty to some non-zero value since any non-zero value in the cell would already have set any feeders.

There is no need to re-evaluate the feeders when a cell changes from one non-zero value to another.

Normally, when evaluating feeders, if a feeder rule is evaluated and the target cell is already fed, the feeding process stops.

Feeder rules are not processed any further since the presence of the feeder in the target cell indicates that the feeder rules for the target cell have already been run, and there is no need to run them again.

Consider the following feeder rules:


The feeder rule for cell B depends on some cube data value:


When the feeder rule for B is initially evaluated, the DB(cube2-name,…) is evaluated to produce an element name, such as C. Therefore B feeds C and then C feeds D. When that cell X goes from zero to non-zero, this change also feeds B. But B is already fed, so the feeding process stops, and the feeder rule for B never evaluates, so any "change" in the output of the rule, which may come about because of an underlying data change targeted by the DB(…) statement will not be evaluated. If the parameter ForceReevaluationOfFeedersForFedCellsOnDataChange is set, then the presence of a feeder in cell B will not terminate feeder processing. Rather, the feeder rule for B will run. Because the feeder rule for B is data dependent, the target for the feeder may be the former C, or may be some other cell, and that cell will be fed. Note that setting this parameter will force more feeder evaluations, which may have a performance impact.

To turn on this parameter set ForceReevaluationOfFeedersForFedCellsOnDataChange=T in Planning Analytics database configuration.