When DisableWritebackOnDisconnect is enabled in the Tm1p.ini file, worksheet cells containing TM1® formulas that write to the TM1 server remain active and write to the server as long as an active server connection is available.

However, when this parameter is enabled and the TM1 Perspectives client is not connected to a TM1 server, cells containing TM1 formulas that write to the server are no longer protected. In this case, entering a value in any worksheet cell containing a TM1 formula that writes to the TM1 server results in the TM1 formula being overwritten.

TM1 formulas that write to the server include DBR, DBRW, DBRA, DBS, DBSA, DBSS, and DBSW.

Setting DisableWritebackOnDisconnect=T also restores multiple level undo/redo and multiple copy/paste operations in a worksheet containing TM1 formulas when there is no active server connection.

DisableWritebackOnDisconnect has a similar effect as DisableWritebackOnTM1Formulas. The important distinction between these two parameters is that DisableWritebackOnDisconnect applies only when there is no active server connection, while DisableWritebackOnTM1Formulas applies at all times.