Determines if users have the ability to use sandboxes across the server.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

By default, this parameter is not present in the Planning Analytics database configuration, which enables the sandbox capability for all users.


When sandboxing is turned on in this way, administrators can Deny or Grant the use of Personal Workspaces or multiple sandboxes on a per usergroup basis using Capability Assignments. For more details, see "Capability Assignments" in TM1 Operations.

To put all usergroups into Direct Writeback mode, add the following setting to Planning Analytics database configuration:


When DisableSandboxing=T, the Capability Assignments are ignored.

Important: Do not use DisableSandboxing=T in the Planning Analytics database configuration for any Planning Analytics database that deploys and supports TM1 Applications. TM1 databases that deploy and support TM1 Applications require that the sandbox feature is enabled in the Planning Analytics database configuration.