Applies the data source provider cross join strategy, even if it is not explicitly enabled in IBM® Cognos® Analytics.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, static

This parameter is applicable only when using Planning Analytics database with Cognos Analytics.

When you enable CognosMDX.UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold, this has the same effect as enabling the UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold parameter in the qfs_config.xml file of Cognos Analytics.

UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold controls whether combinations of members on an edge, which have no measure values, are retrieved from the Planning Analytics database. UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold is enabled when it has a value greater than 0.

Note: If UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold is enabled in the Cognos Analytics qfs_config.xml, it takes precedence over the CognosMDX.UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold parameter in Planning Analytics database configuration.
To enable CognosMDX.UseProviderCrossJoinThreshold, add it to the Planning Analytics database configuration and specify a value greater than 0, for example:

Default value: 0