Identifies a secondary port used to accept client messages concerning the progress and ultimate cancellation of a lengthy operation without tying up thread reserves.

This parameter is not applicable to Planning Analytics Engine.

Parameter type: optional, static for changes, dynamically set

If no port number is specified in the configuration file, the port number is dynamically chosen and set at server startup. However, it cannot be changed while the server is running.

This additional port ensures that other server requests can continue to process while waiting for a cancellation from the user.

By default, this port number is automatically and dynamically assigned when the Planning Analytics database starts. You do not have to set ClientMessagePortNumber to a specific number unless firewalls or other network issues require the listener port to be a well-known number.

If you choose to set a specific value for the ClientMessagePortNumber parameter, instead of having it dynamically assigned, be sure to assign unique port numbers for all the Planning Analytics databases and client message ports you are using. If you have two servers running on the same machine using the same port number, the message activity may cause a system conflict or hang.

See also, PortNumber and ProgressMessage.