Limits the number of cells checked by the Check Feeders option in the Cube Viewer.

The CheckFeedersMaximumCells is an optional Planning Analytics database configuration parameter. If you do not include this parameter in your configuration, Check Feeders checks 3,000,000 cells, by default.

Parameter type: optional, dynamic

When Planning Analytics database checks feeders from a highly consolidated cell, it must check all intersections that apply to the cell. In large applications, the Planning Analytics database will be unavailable for a significant amount of time while Planning Analytics database is checking all intersections.

To limit the number of cells checked when using Check Feeders (which in turn limits the amount of time the Planning Analytics database is unavailable), add CheckFeedersMaximumCells to Tm1s.cfg and set the parameter to the number of cells you want to check.

For example, to limit Check Feeders to 1,000,000 cells, enter the following line: