Set up connections for TM1 REST APIs

IBM® Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel requires the use of TM1 REST APIs. To enable these APIs in IBM Cognos® Server, an administrator may need to configure the HTTP port number in the IBM TM1 Server configuration files for each TM1 Server.

Before you begin

When an IBM TM1 Server is created, the HTTP port number may not be set by default. This task requires you to edit the configuration file for each IBM TM1 Server and set the HTTP port number. Contact your administrator if you do not have access to the configuration file.


  1. Stop the TM1 Server
  2. Locate the tm1s.cfg file. The location of the file may differ depending on the type of server you are using.
  3. Open the tm1s.cfg file in an editor.
  4. Locate the line containing the following: HTTPPortNumber = XXXX.
  5. Replace XXXX with a valid port number which is not currently in use.
  6. Save the tm1s.cfg file.
  7. Restart IBM TM1 Server


IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel will have access to TM1 Server data through the TM1 REST APIs.