Cube Viewer

You can work with data using the Cube Viewer rather than the Microsoft Excel grid. You can compare multiple cube views alongside reports.

You can also generate reports from a cube view. See Create a report for more information.

You can also follow along by watching this video:

The viewer allows you to look at and manipulate a view in an environment outside of Microsoft Excel. Using this feature, you can open multiple views and compare them side by side. In this video, you'll learn how to use the viewer and manipulate data from the viewer.


  1. Log on to a TM1® system and select a data source.
    For more information, see Open a model or package.
    The source tree in the task pane displays the cube and related items of the data source, such as views.
  2. In the source tree, navigate to the cube that you want to view, and expand Views.
  3. Right-click a view and select Open in viewer.
    A separate Cube Viewer opens. You can position it where you want in the window so that you can view it along side other objects.