Setting up PGP encryption and decryption

Set up PGP encryption and decryption for Planning Analytics on Cloud.

Before you begin

Install a PGP application, for example GnuPGP (from or Symantec Encryption Desktop (from, in your on premises environment.


  1. Send a service request to IBM Support and ask that PGP encryption be enabled and configured.
  2. Connect to the IBM Planning Analytics remote desktop using one of the modeler accounts listed in your Welcome Kit.
  3. In the shared folder, go to \\data\s\install\encryption\samples.
  4. Copy *.pro to your TM1 Server data directory (for example, S:\prod\tm1\Data).
  5. Copy *.txt and *.bat to the server directory (for example, S:\prod\tm1).
  6. Restart your TM1 Server for the demo processes to appear. The *.pro processes will have access to the IBM passphrase regardless of additional shared folder file security that may be defined.