Encrypting files on the cloud before transferring them to on premises

Encrypt a file on cloud and then decrypt the file on your local environment in IBM® Planning Analytics.


  1. Send a service request to IBM Support.
    1. Attach your public key to the request.
    2. Request that your public key be imported.
  2. Connect to the Planning Analytics remote desktop using one of the modeler accounts listed in your Welcome Kit.
  3. In Planning Analytics, extract data and save it to a server directory (for example, S:\prod\tm1) as the file filename.extension.
  4. Edit the file demo_encryption.bat.
    1. Replace firstname.lastname@mycompany.com with the name in your key.
    2. Replace two instances of the string customer_to_ibm.txt with filename.extension (the file that you want to encrypt).
  5. On the remote desktop, start Architect, and run the process demo_encryption.pro. The encrypted file, named filename.extension.gpg, appears next to filename.extension.
  6. Copy the encrypted file filename.extension.gpg from the Planning Analytics server directory to your on premises location.
  7. Decrypt the file in your on premises location using the PGP application that you installed locally.