Drill through to detailed data

You can click a cell in a cube view and drill through to detailed data in another view to get more detail or information about the selected cell. You can then add both views in the same sheet.

The drill-through view can either be a cube view, or an extract from a relational database.

You can drill through multiple levels of cube views, and add the drilled through views to the sheet.
Note: You can only drill to one level when the target is a relational database.

A drill process and drill assignment rule must be defined for a cell before you can drill through to detailed data. For more information, see Configure drill-through to reveal detailed data.

Note: To successfully drill through to an ODBC source, your administrator must create and configure an IBM Secure Gateway.


  1. To add a drill through view to a book, you must be in edit mode.
    You can preview a drill through view when not in edit mode.
  2. Right-click the cell that you want to drill through from, and select Drill through.
    The drill through targets are listed.
  3. Select the drill through target that you want to see.
    The drill through view opens in a separate view that you can move on the sheet so you can see it next to your original view.
  4. To add the view to the sheet, click Add to current sheet. Click Cancel to close the view.
  5. If there are drill through targets to cube views defined in the drilled view, you can drill-though to multiple levels, and you can add one or more views to the sheet.
  6. To see which cube and TM1 database the view comes from, hover over this button view widget in the view.