Setting up Great Outdoors Sales sample

The Great Outdoors Sales sample uses data from the database you restored.


  1. Create an ODBC data source connection to the restored database.

    Use GOSALESDW as the data source name. On Windows operating systems, create the ODBC connection as a System DSN.

  2. On the computer where you installed the TM1® server component, go to the tm1_location\webcontent\samples\datasources\cubes\amdtool folder.
  3. Extract the contents of the file.
    Be sure to do the extraction close to the root location such as c: so that the file path is not too long.
  4. In the folder where you extracted the file, go to the DataFiles folder, and open the tm1s.cfg file in a text editor.
    1. Ensure that the DatabaseDirectory location and the LoggingDirectory location use the correct path for the location where you extracted the file.
    2. Save and close the file.
  5. Open IBM® Cognos® Configuration.
  6. In the Explorer panel, under Data Access, right click TM1 Server, and click New Resource > TM1 Server Instances.
    1. In the Name box, enter GreatOutdoorsSales.
    2. For the TM1 Server configuration path value, enter the path to the DataFiles folder where you extracted the file.

      For example, tm1_location\webcontent\samples\datasources\cubes\amdtool\GreatOutdoorsSales\DataFiles

    3. In the Explorer panel, right-click GreatOutdoorSales and click Start.
  7. Test that the new GreatOutdoorsSales server is available to Architect.
    1. Open Architect.
    2. Double click the GreatOutdoorsSales server.
    3. In the Server Login box, enter admin in the UserName box and apple in the Password box.
  8. Test that the new GreatOutdoorsSales server is available in the IBM Cognos Applications portal.
    1. Open the portal by typing the following: http://server_name:9510/pmpsvc.
    2. Click the Administer IBM Cognos Application icon on the far right hand side
    3. Under Server Names, click Add.
    4. Type the server name in Admin Host and then click the Refresh button.
    5. Select the GreatOutdoorsSales sample you just added, and click OK.