The }StatsByRule control cube stores performance statistics for cube rules on the TM1® server.

To enable the storage of statistics for a rule, you must set the Rule_Stats property for the associated cube to YES in the }CubeProperties control cube.

Each time a rule is changed or compiled, the data for that rule is cleared and updated in the }StatsByRule control cube. This helps you to immediately see the impact of a rule change.

The data in the }StatsByRule control cube does not persist between server sessions, it is cleared every time that you restart your Planning Analytics database.

The }StatsByRule control cube contains the following dimensions:

Dimension Elements
}Cubes Each cube on the database is included as an element in the }Cubes dimension. To view statistics for a different cube rule, select a new cube name from the }Cubes dimension.
}LineNumber Numeric elements 1 through 10,000. The elements correspond to line numbers in a TM1 rule.
}RuleStats Contains elements that correspond to the information and statistics that are stored for rules on your database, including:
  • Rule Text
  • Total Run Count
  • Min Time
  • Max Time
  • Avg Time
  • Total Time
  • Last Run Time
For details, see }RuleStats control dimension.

The times recorded for Min Time, Max Time, Avg Tme, Last Run time, and Total Time are in milliseconds (one one-thousandth of a second). Some rules execute faster than 1 millisecond, resulting in an entry of 0 for the time. It's possible for a simple rule to run multiple times, while the Total Time shows as 0.