Performance Monitoring Control Cubes

Planning Analytics includes a performance monitoring feature that lets you record performance statistics for clients, cubes, and servers.

When you enable performance monitoring, Planning Analytics populates the performance monitoring control cubes when the database starts. You can browse these cubes to analyze server performance.

Note: Planning Analytics database reports the memory that is consumed by feeders only once. If there are no changes to rules or cube data, the memory consumption represents a static value that is recorded after the server successfully starts. If there are changes to rules, feeders, or cube data during the running of the server, the Memory Used for Feeders value in the }StatsByCube control cube is updated the next time that the server starts.

You can use the Maintain_detailed_feeder_memory_stats cube property to generate statistics for detailed feeder memory usage for a specific cube. A value of 'YES' for the ( cubeName, propertyName ) tuple turns on the detailed feeder memory used calculation.

Note: The detailed feeder memory used calculation is intended to be used during pre-production as an aid to help design the cube. When this step is complete, the property value should be switched to 'NO' so that the much faster feeder memory used calculation is used during production.

Performance monitoring is enabled on a per-database basis.