Installing Cognos TM1 Operations Console using the provided WebSphere® Liberty webserver software

Deprecated in v2.0.9 The IBM® Cognos® TM1® Operations Console is a Java-based tool that is used to monitor the activity of TM1 Servers. The Cognos TM1 Operations Console is installed by default when you install Planning Analytics Local and uses the provided WebSphere® Liberty web server software.

Before you begin

  • Ensure that the Planning Analytics Local prerequisite software is installed.
  • Ensure that the TM1 Admin Server, the TM1 Application Server, the TM1 Server that you want to monitor, and the TM1 databases are installed and running.
  • Ensure that you can start Cognos TM1 Architect and can log in as an administrator to the TM1 Server that you want to monitor.
  • All services must be running under a single domain account. The IBM Planning Analytics Local installation wizard sets the parameters of the domain account for you, but you must create the account under which the services run before you run the installation. If services are running under different accounts, they will not be able to communicate with each other.

Before you upgrade Cognos TM1 Operations Console:

  • After upgrading to Planning Analytics Local version 2.0.2, you might find that servers that were previously configured for monitoring are no longer visible in Operations Console. Similarly, Watchdog rules might not work as expected after upgrade.

    Both of these issues occur when there are spaces in a user name, either the user name used to log in to Operations Console or a user name referenced in a Watchdog rule. To resolve this issue:

    1. Stop the IBM Cognos TM1 service.
    2. Open the TM1OpsConsoleWatchDog.xml file.
    3. Change any user names that include spaces to use a plus sign (+) in place of spaces. For example, change "joe doe" to "joe+doe".
    4. Save the TM1OpsConsoleWatchDog.xml file.
    5. Restart the IBM Cognos TM1 service.

    For more information, see Issues when upgrading to Planning Analytics version 2.0.2 TM1 Operations Console (


  1. On Microsoft Windows, right-click the issetup.exe command and click Run as Administrator. For other operating systems, double-click the issetup.exe file on the Planning Analytics Local installation disk or from the location where the TM1 installation files were downloaded and extracted.
  2. Ensure the TM1 Data Tier and the TM1 Web Tier are selected.
    Remember: Install IBM TM1 components in a directory that contains only ASCII characters in the path name. Some Windows web servers do not support non-ASCII characters in directory names.