Configure TLS between Planning Analytics Workspace Local and other servers

If you are using self-signed certificates for TM1 servers or IBM® Cognos® Analytics, you might need to add the certificate authority certificates for them to the list of CA certificates that are used by IBM Planning Analytics Workspace.

About this task

This task creates a file called cacerts that contains your CA certificates. The cacerts file is used by the Java services in Planning Analytics Workspace.

If you get a Java certificate chaining error when you log in to Cognos Analytics, performing these steps will resolve it.


  1. Put the certificate authority (CA) certificates files in the paw_install_location>/config/certs directory.
  2. Run the paw_install_location>/scripts/process_certs.ps1 (Microsoft Windows Server 2016 OS) or (Linux OS) script.
  3. Open the Planning Analytics Workspace administration tool and restart all services.
    For information about how to open the administration tool, see Check the status of the services.

What to do next

The cacerts file is created in the <paw_install_location>/config directory. If you need to change the set of CA certificates, put the CA certificates into the <paw_install_location>/config/certs directory and run the process_certs script again.